March Issue Update

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Hello again all,

I’m just making a quick post with a few important updates. First, our server transfer last week was successful! Now Carmina is on a more powerful third-party sever and should no longer have instability issues. Second, a release date for our March issue has been set! I’m planning to have our March issue go live on March 18th.

I’m looking forward to it and hope all of you are as well. Until then, take care!


Carmina Magazine is upgrading servers!

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Dear all,

Our March 2022 issue is fast approaching, and I have some exciting news to announce for Carmina Magazine ahead of this upcoming issue’s release!

Over the next few days, Carmina will be moving to an upgraded server, which should result in faster loading times and far fewer outages like the ones we struggled with last year. If everything goes according to plan (famous last words), there should not be any notable interruption, i.e. an outage longer than a few minutes, in the website’s availability. However, things often do not go according to plan, and as such there is a chance that the website might go down at times (2/24-2/25). Should this happen, please rest assured that the website will be online again shortly. Do feel free to inform me of any outages, issues, etc, at

As I might have mentioned before in a bio or on my personal blog, I work in the tech industry, and what I do is build and launch websites — and Carmina is one of such websites. Until now, I had been hosting Carmina out of my house on an old Raspberry Pi, which served as our server (wordplay intended) and occupied a little space on my desk alongside old notebooks, stained coffee cups, and various other odds and ends that writers tend keep around.

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When the magazine was still a fledgling, the Raspberry Pi worked fine to keep it online. We sometimes encountered outages and technical problems (some of which may, in fact, have been caused by a cat), but overall the Pi did its job efficiently and effectively. As Carmina has grown, however, in recent months, its traffic has begun to outpace what this arthritic old Pi can handle. Relocating the website to a server with better technology should offer Carmina the stability that it needs — and that our readers and contributors deserve.

Once again, I’d like to take a moment to thank all of you for your support. I’m so grateful and happy that we have reached this stage in Carmina‘s growth. None of this would have been possible without all of you, our wonderful contributors, readers, and supporters. I am thankful for each and every one of you. Thank you for believing in Carmina and helping this little fledgling magazine spread its wings!

Until next time,


PS. Yes, the cat would sometimes mess with the server. And one time I spilled water on it. It’s good that we’ll be on a third-party server from now on!

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Intermittent website outages 11/10-11/12

Hello all,

Carmina Magazine has been intermittently offline yesterday evening and throughout today because of a router issue unrelated to the server issues from Sept 21st. I implemented a fix a few minutes ago, so the website should be online within 30 minutes to an hour as my fix propagates. You should be able to access the website in the meantime here:

There could be continued patches of instability today and possibly tomorrow. Please do let me know if you have issues accessing the website at


Server issues

Dear all,

Carmina Magazine is experiencing intermittent server issues. Some of you may be receiving a “This site can’t be reached error” when you try to access the site. If this happens to you, please try reloading the the web page. If that doesn’t work, you can try accessing Carmina here at this workaround:

I am working on a fix right now. It will probably take 24 hours for the fix to be complete. In the meantime, if errors persist, please let me know at


The September issue is now live!

Dear all,

I am delighted to welcome everyone to the September 2021 issue of Carmina Magazine. This issue is our second in our new online home and brings with it the work of many diverse, beautiful, and introspective voices from all across the globe. The September issue features our largest lineup to date, with contributions including original art, mythological retellings, modern re-inventions of old tales, ghost stories, and much, much more. An author’s or artist’s statement accompanies almost every piece (except where the contributor chose to go without one). These statements provide insight into how the piece was inspired by an older tradition and gives readers a glimpse into the creative processes that went into each piece’s creation.

The September issue can be accessed here.

I hope everyone enjoys Carmina Magazine, and I hope you all will come back again next year for our March 2022 issue!

Until next time,

Clarabelle Miray Fields

Founder and managing editor

September issue coming soon!

Just popping on here to make a quick update about our publishing schedule. The September 2021 issue of Carmina Magazine is slated to go live on September 17! Come check us out at our new online home and browse through the amazing work of our past contributors.

Hope to see all of you again in September! Until then, happy reading and writing.

Clarabelle Miray Fields

Carmina Magazine | Founder and managing editor

We’ve made The Short List!

This post is coming a few weeks late, but I want to give a shout out and thank you to DL Shirey, who has added Carmina Magazine to The Short List! The Short List is “[a] compilation…[of] journals that publish prose under 5,000 words”, and they can all be found on DL Shirey’s website linked above. The Short List is an awesome resource for any writer looking for homes for their stories. I will definitely be using it myself in the future. Thank you for including us in the list, DL!

Clarabelle Miray Fields

Carmina Magazine | Founder and managing editor

March issue is now live!

Dear all,

I want to thank you so much for your patience while I have been putting together the March issue. There have been some major changes going on at Carmina Magazine. Namely,  we have moved to a new host and now have our own domain name: 

The new March issue can be accessed here:

Please let me know if anything looks funny or is not displaying correctly. I developed and coded the website myself and sometimes bugs/mistakes slip past, so do let me know if you see anything amiss.  For now, I am keeping our old WordPress site up to serve as an archive for old issues and as an editorial blog. We have also updated and expanded our submissions criteria!    

Thanks as always for reading!

All the best, Clarabelle 

March Update

Hello everyone! Thank you for bearing with us while we upgrade our site and move to a new domain. Our transition is almost complete. Our March 2021 issue is slated for release this upcoming weekend! I will post here with more details when the issue is ready for release. Looking forward to seeing you all at our new site!


Managing editor