Dark of Dawn―Dark of Midnight by Patricia Williams

Aurora rises
as clouds hover under the sun,
kiss heaven,
scour and burnish the sky
‘til it turns to burning vermillion.
Lusty orange, ravished, fades to a blush,    
shifts to bruised purple. 
Sable mists encircle, overwhelm.
Selene spreads a spangled shroud,
stunning in its finality.
Dark persists. Quest ended,
all exit.
Argo sails uncharted night waters. 


Patricia Williams taught Art and Design, most recently at the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point and first began writing poetry in 2013 after retiring. Her work appears online and in print journals and anthologies, including Midwest Review, Peregrine, Poetry Quarterly, Stoneboat, Third Wednesday, Woodland Pattern, among others. Her chapbook, The Port Side of Shadows: Poems of Travel, was published by Finishing Line Press. The Wisconsin Library Association recognized her collection, Midwest Medley published by Kelsay Books, as an Outstanding Poetry title for 2018. She placed third for the Wisconsin Fellowship of Poets 2019 Kay Saunders Emerging Poet Award.