Erebus by Krista Canterbury Adams

I have seen him enter the moonlight,
have seen him calm the holy breath & restore
the quiet life to that from which
breath & life had lain departed. And I have been
chilled by him, have disliked him suddenly,
even while lowering to my knees.
Where you & I have lit the red-glassed candles,
I have come upon him
upon the mossy, cold stones.
I have turned my hands up in the whitening
air, in the pour of rain beating there. And I have
down through smoke of oak & aspen.
What words can I speak, in the crash
of the city, to worship—eye to eye—
among the dark
burnt ashes?


Krista Canterbury Adams has studied poetry at Ohio Dominican University and The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio. Her poem “Resurrection” has been published in print and online. She has a six-poem series due to be printed this spring in AHF Magazine.