I Am War (Song of Ares) by Konrad Bennett Hughes


Swords are sharp

Fires blaze

Eternity passes

Within a haze

A mist of death




Eternity Passes–


Seas rumble,

Earth shakes

I feel it tremble

Beneath my wake

A wave of destruction

A wave of death

I bring an end

I bring a debt


Eternity passes

All of you by

Killing  masses

You live to die


I am what you seek 

My fire

My spears

Are what you need 


Love is lost

Swallowed whole

Nothing left but your role

Your role in me

Your fading soul


Spread me far–


Their ride 

Will come

It will come

With Dawn

The Dawn of Hate

The Dawn of War


Eternity’s end

I cannot bend

The rules set down

A town of life

A people’s town


Names given




My children


We of this town are only the means

You are the extremes

The extremes that make us true

That make all new

That fight

That die

That ever lie


A slice

One single

That’s all it takes

Just one slice

Just one blade

And I am made

Ares Lord of War


Let me be

Let Gaia be

As she was made




Don’t let me in



Konrad Bennett Hughes, aka Kaptain Viciorious Time Traveling Space Pirate Extraordinaire, welcomes all adventurers to read snippets from the grimoire of a Viking skald lost in a terrible modern century. “I write to allow all of you to see the wonders which continually relate themselves through telekinetic portals from dimensions unsounded.” Unbounded by time and space, Kaptain Viciorious’ Grimoire is first in interdimensional travel, dead last in customer service. “Read on fellow travelers, read on.”