Medusa Pregnant by Julian D. Woodruff

(for Susan Koval, after her drawing)
Her writhing locks she found not fell enough                     
and so Medusa grew a snakish tail.                                       
Yet some infatuate with the proper stuff,
a singular (not merely striking) male,
contrived to get her pregnant. How came this?
The unlikely scene, imagined from afar,                                            
begins upon the point when longing stirs;
nature’s conjoining ways being what they are,                                     
he must have brought his lustful lips to hers ...
But hardly could he hope for such a kiss:
‘twas not that carnal love she spurned,
but all who eyed her face were turned              
to stone. Their dread fate, it was learned,
failed to befall this individual.                           
Was he by birth or mishap blind?
Did he approach her from behind?
Some magic potion did he find?  
What shielded him amid love’s ritual?
He favored by the gods, if none too bright;
she gorgeous NOT, but Gorgonous—a sight! 


Julian D. Woodruff came to story-telling as an adult, while explaining to authorities in East Berlin how he had lost his passport. While raising a family and serving as a substitute teacher, orchestral musician, and librarian, his bent for story, rhyme, and wordplay simmered. He completely lost control of it once his grandchildren started arriving. His “Riding Down the Freeway, Twenty Miles from Nowhere” appeared in Parody Poetry in January, 2019.