What kind of work does Carmina Magazine publish?

Simply put, we are looking for creative works that are inspired by some aspect of classical studies and that incorporate and/or allude to classical themes, places, characters, and stories in some way, shape, or form. We accept both poetry and prose, as well as original photography. We accept work in all genres — you can send us horror, fantasy, postmodernism, haiku, whatever suits your fancy. Our only main “requirement” is that the work somehow relates to classics on some level, and we welcome wide ranges of artistic interpretation and expression in this regard.

We want to see all the imaginative, unique, and thoughtful ways modern-day writers, poets, and artists pull material from ancient literature and myth to rework it into something entirely new. We want to see how classics can inspire creativity thousands of years after the Greco-Roman heyday. We want your epic-style poems, your modern versions of ancient tales, imaginings about the ancient world, stories that feature classical names and places, stories that hint at familiar ancient mythologies, retellings, reworkings, rewritings, anything and everything in-between that somehow, somewhere, owes some seed of inspiration to classics. We are, after all, a magazine devoted to classics in the modern day, and we love works that demonstrate how something so ancient can still be relevant even now.

In addition to this main, general requirement, we also have some more specific submission guidelines for our magazine:

Prose: We are looking for stories on the shorter side, preferably under 3,000 words. We are willing to make exceptions for longer works, but please query first with a brief summary of the story.

Poetry: We accept poems of all different lengths. We always enjoy a good epic poem. We prefer poems under 100 lines, but are willing to make exceptions in some cases. Again, please query us with a brief summary of the poem if yours is longer than 100 lines.

Photography: We accept original photography that depicts places, people, or other things related to classics. We especially love photography of ancient ruins or artifacts and are always looking for nice images to add visual appeal to our issues.

We publish four issues per year, on the first Monday of March, June, September, and December. We accept submissions year-round on a rolling basis.

Multiple submissions are encouraged! You can send up to 3 short stories and up to 5 poems per submission. Simultaneous submissions are fine, just tell us in your email that you are submitting to other places and inform us immediately if the work is accepted elsewhere. Reprints are also fine, provided that you have permission to publish your work again. If you submit reprints to us, we are going to assume in good faith that you have obtained permission from the original publisher to reprint the work, and we will immediately remove your work from our website if we find out this is not the case.

We love to read author bios and will feature them with any published work. Please send a brief bio (100 words or less) with your submissions.

For all submissions, please paste them in the body of the email rather than sending us an attachment. We can’t always open those and we don’t want viruses either. Send all submissions to carminamagazine [at] gmail [dot] com. We will aim to get back to you within 2 weeks — if you don’t hear from us after that, shoot us another email. Sometimes emails get swallowed up by the ether!