The September issue is now live!

Dear all,

I am delighted to welcome everyone to the September 2021 issue of Carmina Magazine. This issue is our second in our new online home and brings with it the work of many diverse, beautiful, and introspective voices from all across the globe. The September issue features our largest lineup to date, with contributions including original art, mythological retellings, modern re-inventions of old tales, ghost stories, and much, much more. An author’s or artist’s statement accompanies almost every piece (except where the contributor chose to go without one). These statements provide insight into how the piece was inspired by an older tradition and gives readers a glimpse into the creative processes that went into each piece’s creation.

The September issue can be accessed here.

I hope everyone enjoys Carmina Magazine, and I hope you all will come back again next year for our March 2022 issue!

Until next time,

Clarabelle Miray Fields

Founder and managing editor

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